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Excel 2013 Mastering the Basics

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Excel 2013 Mastering the Basics by Grant GambleExcel 2013, a key component of Microsoft Office 2013, is the latest version of the world’s most widely used spreadsheet program. Excel 2013 Mastering the Basics uses a practical approach to learning this powerful software tool: analysis of key features, combined with step-by-step tutorials which will reinforce your understanding of what Microsoft Excel is all about. Aimed at beginner to intermediate Excel users, who may already be familiar with earlier Excel versions, this book will provide the practical insights, tips and shortcuts you need to start becoming an Excel power user.

Topics include:

  • Using Excel’s powerful new features such as Recommended PivotTables, Recommended Charts, Quick Analysis Lens, Timelines, and Flash Fill.
  • Understanding the Excel Interface: the Welcome Screen; the Ribbon, Tabs and Ribbon controls; the Quick Access Toolbar and working in Backstage view.
  • How to build efficient Excel formulas using functions; nested functions; relative, mixed and absolute references; named ranges and 3-D formulas.
  • Customizing the way worksheets appear on screen and at print time: freezing and splitting panes, working with multiple documents windows, using Page Layout mode, setting up headers and footers and creating PDF files.
  • Creating and customizing charts and graphics: practical exercises on creating the different types of Excel charts, creating sparklines, importing and creating graphics and embedding formulas into graphic elements.
  • Working with tabular data: sorting data numerically, chronologically, by colour and by custom order, filtering data and creating multi-level subtotals.
  • Creating and customizing pivot tables, pivot charts and dashboards, featuring slicers and timelines which provide interactive data filtering and exploration.
  • The book also contains an overview of macros and VBA: you will learn how to create macros, using both the Macro Recorder and the Visual Basic Editor.

InDesign CS5 Automation Using XML and JavaScript

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InDesign CS5 Automation Using XML and JavaScript by Grant Gamble

This book is aimed at the general user and provides an introduction to scripting InDesign, using JavaScript to create simple cross-platform solutions. It also gives a general introduction to XML, DTDs and XSLT, before showing how to automate the importing and exporting of XML data.

  • Learn proactively through step-by-step tutorials on creating JavaScript solutions: the “Try it for yourself!” approach allows you to learn how scripts are put together by actually writing them.
  • Create scripts that manipulate text and images, build documents automatically and output them as interactive PDFs.
  • Become familiar with the InDesign object model: as you work through the tutorials, you will make repeated use of the essential syntax for manipulating InDesign objects such as documents, master spreads, pages, text frames, graphics and preferences.
  • Create user interfaces to make your scripts more flexible and user-friendly. Rather than just writing scripts which always perform the same steps, you will learn to use ScriptUI dialog windows to provide users with the ability to make choices that determine what the script will do.
  • Learn how to automate XML import and export and provide an interface which allows the user to filter import by supplying XSLT parameter values.

Dreamweaver CS5 Mastering the Basics

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Dreamweaver CS5 Mastering the Basics by Grant Gamble

If you are new to Dreamweaver and to web development, this is definitely the book for you! Dreamweaver CS5 Mastering the Basics will equip you with a step by step plan for creating a Dreamweaver website and making it live. Filled with practical walk-through exercises, this book will demystify the process of building accessible, standards-compliant sites, showing you how to leverage the power of Cascading Style Sheets and Dreamweaver templates to maintain a consistent look and feel on all pages…Topics include:

  • Using CSS for web page layout
  • Using Dreamweaver accessibility tools
  • Working with images, Creating hyperlinks
  • Using Dreamweaver templates and libraries
  • The 12-step plan for building a complete site
  • Getting your website hosted for free
  • Uploading files to a live server
  • Testing and maintaining a site
  • Creating an enquiry form
  • Installing a form-handling script
  • Using JavaScript behaviors
  • Enhancing interactivity with Spry widgets
  • Using Spry form validation widgets…


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